TUDIAS Uni-Application Service

Due to the diverse standards of high school education around the world, international prospective students are also subject to different admission restrictions at German universities. The uni-assist platform checks the applications in advance and provides the universities with appropriate admission information.

The TUDIAS Uni-Application Service allows you to have your documents reviewed and checked before submitting them to uni-assist. In this way, we jointly ensure that you submit all necessary documents completely and on time. Ultimately, it will be uni-assist that checks and evaluates your admission to the university*.

  • Support in filling out the application form
  • Review correctness and ensure timely submission of required documents*
  • If required, appropriate certification and translation services

What does the TUDIAS Uni-Application Service include?

For international students, different admission restrictions apply at German universities. With the TUDIAS Uni-Application Service, we offer international applicants the opportunity to have their documents reviewed on the uni-assist platform before submission and then to submit them by the deadline*.

Important: In order to provide you with the best possible service, we ask you to book the TUDIAS Uni-Application Service at least twelve weeks before the start of your studies. It is not possible to register after this deadline.

* We do not give any guarantee for a study place. The decision on admission is the responsibility of the university, which makes this decision on the basis of the report from uni-assist.


Kyra Sollfrank
TUDIAS Relocation Service

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Still not sure? Let our students convince you!

  • Wendy Siabato Hooper from Panama
    participant of the TUDIAS Preparatory College

    "I’d like to thank TUDIAS for the support and personal attention! Even if studying abroad requires a lot of work and perseverance, it has opened up so many new opportunities for me - not only professionally, but also culturally."

  • Yue Wen from China
    participant of a German language course at TUDIAS

    "Studying in Germany - and thus learning the German language with TUDIAS - has not only brought me further on a professional level, it has also allowed me to grow. I am grateful for that and hope that I can learn a lot more about myself in the future."

  • Qiqi Yang from China
    participant of a German language course at TUDIAS

    "Participating in the TUDIAS intensive course really helped me to find my way around Germany, the people here and the way they interact with each other. It is now much easier for me to exchange my opinions and ideas in German and to have both everyday and professional conversations."

  • Ziqi Wang from China
    participant of a German language course at TUDIAS

    "Studying in Germany has always been one of my biggest dreams. Thanks to my participation in the GFL course at TUDIAS, I was finally able to enroll at TU Dresden in October 2020 - and have thus come a big step closer to my goal."