Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions of TUDIAS (Technische Universität Dresden Institute of Advanced Studies) for participation in language training courses.

Current version: 07/2017

1. Scope of application: TUDIAS only concludes contracts on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions (GTC). Terms and conditions of the client are not binding for TUDIAS.

2. Incoming registrations will be processed in the order in which they are received. The processing takes place in an address file. There is no written confirmation of registration. If the minimum number stipulated for the running of a language course is reached, the binding enrollment in the respective language course takes place on the first day of the course. With the binding registration, the participant accepts the fee terms and conditions. If an entrance test is required for participation in a language course, the result will determine whether you will be accepted into the language course.

3. The course fees are due when the invoice is issued by TUDIAS. If the fees are not paid on time, TUDIAS is entitled to refuse the participant to participate in the course until the fees have been paid. In the event of cancellation, the hours up to the cancellation date plus 30% of the fee for the unused hours are to be paid. The cost of teaching materials is not included in the course fees.

4. For reasons for which TUDIAS is not responsible, language courses can be canceled (e.g. absence of lecturers, insufficient number of participants). In this case, the participants will be notified immediately. For fees already paid, the participant will be given a voucher that must be used within 12 months. Further claims are not provided.

5. If lessons are missed during the course of a language course through the fault of TUDIAS, then the course participants will be able to make up the missed lessons by mutual agreement.

6. TUDIAS expressly reserves the right to change lecturers and to change the scheduling of the courses.

7. Use of the TUDIAS services is entirely at your own risk. We maintain no liability for resulting damages.

8. Agreements that deviate from the above conditions must be made in writing. Unless special regulations have been made above, the general legal restrictions apply.


Brian Bjørndal-Pedersen
Managing Director