TUDIAS First Steps Service

With the free TUDIAS First Steps Service, we provide you with a guide for your first steps in Germany. In doing so, we look at the biggest challenges that studying in a foreign country brings. Together with the TUDIAS Relocation Service experts, we answer the most important questions:

How much does studying in Germany cost? How do you find an apartment in Dresden and the surrounding area? What documents do you need?

  • To-do list for the first 14 days after arrival
  • Do’s and don’ts in Germany
  • Overview of accommodation and housing options
  • List of Dresden hospitals and doctors
  • List of governmental offices and banks in Dresden

What does the TUDIAS First Steps Service include?

The TUDIAS First Steps Service provides a detailed overview of what awaits you after your arrival in Germany. In addition to a to-do list for the first 14 days after arriving, you will receive all the necessary addresses, contact persons, and tips for everyday life. Download it now, free of charge!

  • To-do list for the first 14 days after arrival

    Just landed in Germany and already overwhelmed? In the first few days after your arrival, all sorts of formalities await you. We have compiled an overview of the most important to-do's for the first two weeks in Germany.

  • Do’s and don’ts in Germany

    Typically German? Germany is not only known for cars, beer, and garden gnomes, but also for certain behaviors and customs. In order to avoid getting into trouble unnecessarily, you should pay attention to a few do's and don'ts in this country.

  • Accommodation in Dresden and surrounding area

    Studying abroad is usually not cheap. The good news is that if you decide to study in Dresden, you can enjoy an unforgettable study stay even on a small budget - especially compared to other German cities like Munich or Frankfurt. For your study stay in Dresden, you can choose from various accommodation options in different price categories. Whether you choose a dormitory, shared apartment, or hostel: Together we will find the right accommodation for you - and your budget.

  • List of government offices in Dresden

    Mostly unpopular, but absolutely necessary for a study stay in Germany: Administrative procedures that you have to carry out in preparation for and during your studies in Germany. The Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt - also known as Bürgerbüro) is responsible for registering and re-registering your place of residence and for issuing passports and ID cards.

  • List of banks in Dresden

    For a study stay in Germany, international students from non-EU countries need a so-called “proof of financing”, both for the visa application and for the study application in general. This certifies that you have the necessary means to finance your living and studies in Germany.

  • List of Dresden hospitals and doctors

    Germany offers a wide selection of renowned hospitals due to its comprehensive range of medical care. We will give you an overview of the largest hospitals in Dresden, as well as English-speaking medical practices that will take care of all your health issues and illnesses.

  • List of canteens in Dresden

    The canteens of the Dresden Studentenwerk are the perfect place to grab a bite to eat during your lunch break while on campus. "Mensen gehen" is thus one of the favorite activities of Dresden's students: Here, students can get surprisingly varied food and drinks at reasonable prices.


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TUDIAS Relocation Service

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Not quite sure yet? Let our students convince you!

  • Wendy Siabato Hooper from Panama
    participant of the TUDIAS Preparatory College

    "I’d like to thank TUDIAS for the support and personal attention! Even if studying abroad requires a lot of work and perseverance, it has opened up so many new opportunities for me - not only professionally, but also culturally."

  • Yue Wen from China
    participant of the German language course at TUDIAS

    "Studying in Germany - and thus learning the German language with TUDIAS - has not only brought me further on a professional level, it has also allowed me to grow. I am grateful for that and hope that I can learn a lot more about myself in the future."

  • Qiqi Yang from China
    participant of the German language course at TUDIAS

    "Participating in the TUDIAS intensive course really helped me to find my way around Germany, the people here and the way they interact with each other. It is now much easier for me to exchange my opinions and ideas in German and to have both everyday and professional conversations."

  • Ziqi Wang from China
    participant of the German language course at TUDIAS

    "Studying in Germany has always been one of my biggest dreams. Thanks to my participation in the GFL course at TUDIAS, I was finally able to enroll at TU Dresden in October 2020 - and have thus come a big step closer to my goal."

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